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Hotel Prajer - Accommodation and Restaurant Vodňany

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Beauty and massage salon

Come and let your body and mind enjoy our cosmetic and massage salon. We are certain that all of you will be able to choose something from our rich offer.
We use cosmetics of the Primavera Andorrana brand.
We request you, for organizational reasons, to make your orders at least one day in advance, by 6 p.m., on telephone No. 602 323 217.

Revitalising and cosmetic care 60 min 990 CZK
Make-up removal, cleaning, depilation, styling of eye brows, masque, facial massage, dyeing of eye-lashes and eye brows
Luxury revitalising and cosmetic care 80 min 1500 CZK
Make-up removal, cleaning, depilation, styling of eye brows, special masque, facial massage, micro-massage of the area of the eyes, nutritious ampoule, dyeing of eye-lashes and eye brows
Cure treatment 30 min 650 CZK
Flower peeling followed by a massage
Paraffin bath of hands 30 min 500 CZK
Softening and revitalising of hands in warm paraffin followed by a massage
Segment massage of the back and the neck 30 min 550 CZK
Proper massage in the area of the back, shoulders and the neck; it releases muscle tension
Regeneration and recovery massage 30 min 550 CZK
This massage improves body metabolism, and has a relaxing effect reducing stress and calming the mind
Relaxation massage of the entire body 50 min 990 CZK
Massage of the entire body relaxing physical and mental strain, and supplying muscles and tissues in your body with blood
Vanilla massage 50 min 1300 CZK
You will receive a massage with olive oil with vanilla cream. This is a unique massage that will supply your skin with nutrition leaving it healthier, clearer and more elastic.
Massage of the low neckline area, throat and the face 20 min 450 CZK
(micro-massage of the area of the eyes)
This special massage has an effect as prevention of mimic wrinkles, regenerates the elasticity of tissues and makes your skin healthier


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