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Hotel Prajer - Accommodation and Restaurant Vodňany

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Conference Room

Hotel Prajer invites you to use our facilities to host educational events, business meetings, seminars, presentations, cultural events, company meetings, family events, banquets, and more.
Our conference room has its own facilities.
The room is air conditioned and can be darkened during the daytime as necessary.
The tables and chairs in the room are movable as necessary.
Set up for educational events, the tables and chairs seat max 28 persons.
Set up for theatre and presentation events, the tables and chairs seat cca. 35 persons.
Conference room rental: 1500 CZK for the first 4 hours, beginning of each additional hour: 300 CZK.
Rental for the entire day: 2800 CZK.
The conference room can be rented individually depending on your group size and services required.
The hall may be technically equipped as per your requirements.
Internet connection is free of charge.
Projection screen 1 day 150 CZK
Flipchart + pens 1 day 200 CZK
Paper block for flipchart 1 pc 150 CZK
Plasma TV 1 day 300 CZK
DVD player 1 day 300 CZK
Data projector 1 day 300 CZK
Conference Room - Hotel Prajer Vodňany
Conference Room - Hotel Prajer Vodňany
Conference Room - Hotel Prajer Vodňany
Conference Room - Hotel Prajer Vodňany


Outstanding Service Award 2017
Presented by
Hotel Prajer
ČSLA 131
389 01 Vodňany


602 409 225



Hotel Prajer ve Vodňanech hodnocení
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